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The art displayed here is created by the indigenous artists of the northwest coast, B.C. , the woodlands of Ontario and the inuit of Nunavut . Artists have drawn on the wealth of their cultural backgrounds to produce works of art from which limited edition prints are made. These images are inspired by: ancient traditional designs found on cultural artifacts, by objects used in tribal life, from oral histories of fabulous beings, from scenes occurring in nature & family crests. Some artists stay in a traditional style with their designs, and others are exploring contemporary influences.


First Nations art in Canada is often divided according to region and the tribes most commonly associated with each geographically specific section: the Woodlands, Prairies, Inuit and Northwest coast. These artistically distinct areas retain their own unique styles, based on traditional methods passed down by their ancestors. However, the meaning and inspiration behind each area's artwork is the same: to protect cultural traditions and keep the societal uniqueness of the Native community alive. Woodland artwork is characteristically the most contemporary form of Native art, with many of the community's most prominent artists originating from the area. Modern styles and bold colours are used to illustrate ancient legends, creating a powerful contrast between the two cultural polarities. In the Plains, a more traditional style of artwork prevails, with romanticized depictions of typical events and customs of the people. Plains art incorporates some of the most internationally recognizable images of the Native community, including portrayals of Aboriginal warfare and the classic nomadic lifestyle of the region.


Inuit art originates from the northern areas of Canada, with stone sculptures, etchings and silkscreens among the most common forms of artistic expression. Artists are primarily inspired by daily life in a harsh climate, as well as by legends and stories. Northwest coast artwork, too, relies heavily on traditional forms. Ancient traditions and cultural doctrines dictate the style and form each piece will take in an attempt to keep a unique society pure. Intricate wooden carvings on totem poles, masks and longhouses are characteristic of the region, which has an abundance of trees. Although there are slight variations in each style, there is a unifying commonality inherent in all Aboriginal artwork.